We understand the special role your pet plays in your family and are dedicated to becoming your partner in your pet’s health care.

Our goal is to practice the highest quality medicine and surgery, with compassion and an emphasis on client education.

A List of Our Services:

Annual Wellness Exams

Appropriate multi-year vaccination based on lifestyle risk and veterinary assessments.  Your pet ages 5 to 10 times faster than humans. Therefore, yearly thorough physical exams by veterinarians are even more crucial. Disease conditions may be diagnosed and treated earlier with a longer life expectancy.

myaDental Exams, Radiographs and Oral Surgery

Oral Disease is one of the most common problems in our pets.  The importance of good oral health improves your pet’s quality of life: eating, communicating, grooming, and playing. Oral disease may be extremely painful, cause bad breath, and lead to systemic disease and organ failure. Norwich Veterinary Service offers excellent and safe dental procedures to keep your pet happy and healthy. We also tailor a Home Dental Plan that extends the investment and duration of cleanliness you make when performing a dental procedure at our clinic.


Deworming is available for each species of animal that we examine.  We highly recommend annual fecal samples with your Wellness Exams so that we can tailor and justify the use of routine deworming. It is important in both indoor and outdoor pets.  We are happy to discuss further at the time of your visit.

Emergency Services

For after hour emergencies, our clients can call our regular phone number (519-863-3836) or check the bottom of this webpage to receive contact information for the Brant Norfolk Veterinary Clinic. At this facility, there are veterinarians and technicians on staff all night and all weekend.  So if an urgent matter arises that requires an emergency examination, surgery, treatments and/or diagnostics (bloodwork or radiographs), these can be offered in a timely and appropriate manner, ensuring your pet receives the best level of care when our clinic is closed.

Heartworm Prevention and Flea/Tick Control

Each year we diagnose and treat heartworm which is a preventable disease. Each year we diagnose and treat more tick diseases than the year before.

With heartworm persisting and tick migration progressing, we highly recommend a blood screening test every spring. This parasite screen is called the 4Dx and it measures the potential exposure that not only our pets have but truly our clients have as well. We carry a broad range of products that protect your pets from the bite of a mosquito, flea and tick.  Our customer care team will discuss which product best suits your lifestyle and parasite risk.

Hospice and Euthanasia Care

Our hope for our clients and patients is to have a wonderful, healthy and happy life. When the time comes to discuss quality of life, regardless of age and condition, our staff and veterinarians will assist you in making the right decision for your family member. We strive to have active and mobile seniors by practicing preventative high-quality medicine from the start. We have a comfort room in the clinic dedicated to this time in your pets life that will allow you to visit comfortably and feel more like home to you and your pet. Visit our Geriatric Care section for more information.

kittensIn-house Laboratory

We offer extensive in-house laboratory testing for wellness and sick patient appointments.  Bloodwork for internal disease, chronic disease monitoring and early detection for improved quality of life and extended life expectancy. We can analyze urine, blood, mass sampling, fecal testing, ear and skin cytology.  We use an accredited external laboratory for specialized testing.


Microchipping is an out-patient service for providing individual identification for your pet. It can be performed at any age.

Nail Trimming and Anal Gland Expression

Nutritional Consultations
Did you know that in North America over 50-60% of pets are considered overweight to obese?  We have fantastically trained staff that are nutritional advocates for your pets. Norwich Veterinary Service can individualize weight loss plans, prescribe nutritional options for success and follow up with monthly weigh ins that allow for short and long term goal setting.

Pet Supplies

We carry a variety of products that are helpful to our clients, especially living in a rural area. As huge dental care advocates we carry items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste (available in beef or seafood), dental chews and water additives. We carry a variety of healthy treats, household cleaning products for those stubborn stains or smells. Shampoos/conditioners are also available for regular bathing or medicated baths for patients with skin problems. Our staff can help fit your pet with a head halter to make walking with your dog more enjoyable and safe. We also carry a nice array of safe toys for chewing, mental stimulation, working for their food and training.

Prescription Pet Foods
We offer and can special order many of the top brands of pet food including Royal Canin, Hills, Eukanuba, and Purina. All of our staff is continually trained and is very knowledgeable about all of the foods we carry. If your pet has a specific medical condition we have prescription diets available but we also carry maintenance foods for pets of all ages, breeds and activity levels.

spunkyAt our clinic we offer digital xrays for the whole body and we have another specialized unit for taking dental xrays. The benefits of digital imaging are numerous, providing a faster, clearer, more detailed picture that can be shared in real time with specialists and consulting veterinarians via the web. This enhanced imaging technology allows us to diagnose our patients more accurately and provide more immediate care.  It also allows for efficient next step diagnostics like Barium Series for stomach and bowel concerns.

All routine surgeries (spay, neuter) are scheduled by appointment and require up to date vaccines.  Other surgeries such as mass removals, eye surgery, dental surgery require a consultation with a doctor before booking.  We have a dedicated surgical suite with full anesthetic monitoring by a Registered Veterinary Technician (heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, oxygenation, temperature, ECG, IV fluids and pain management).

To assist with payment of unexpected surgery or dental work, you might consider Medicard (a payment plan provided by an outside provider).

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